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Art Exercise vs. Real Art

I have been doing some continuous line sketches over the last 2 weeks and I thoroughly enjoy the process. You can view them on my instagram feed @melissapassmoreart. I love starting to squiggle out the shapes and the ablility to just continue to adjust with more lines if I am unable to get the shape that I wanted. I have been drawing trees and gardens so far. This feels like an "Art Exercise" and not "Real Art" though. I am struggling with the feeling of being unsure of what constitues "real" art and what is just an exercise in learning. Perhaps you are able to get over this period if you have formal artistic training and then you Graduate and it is then "real"? I am at the point in my art journey where I feel that I have multiple artistic personalities fighting to be let out. I keep waiting for the feeling that I have found the material/colour scheme/style/size/anything really that speaks to me as "mine". I just continue to create as much as possible and hope that it will become apparent to me at some point! But maybe it doesn't and the continuous experiments will be the "Real Art". I guess we'll see.

Continuous sketch and my handsome cat Larry

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